Ball Python For Sale



Ball Python For Sale

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Ball Python For Sale


Dazzling And Docile Ball Pythons Get Their Name Because They Curl Into A Tight Ball With Their Heads Pulled Into The Center When Nervous. Native To West And Central Africa Where It Lives In Grasslands And Shrublands, They’sre Also Called Royal Pythons Because African Rulers Wore Them A Jewelry. Learn More About These Fascinating Creatures, Their Behaviors, And How To Care For Them In The Sections Below.



Experience Level: Intermediate


Expected Size: Ball Pythons Grow Up To 60 Inches (152 Cm).


Lifespan: Ball Pythons Can Live Up To 30 Years.


Diet: Ball Pythons Are Carnivores And Feed On Rodents.


Personality: They Are Docile And Naturally Curious.


Handling: Easy To Handle.


Behavior: Ball Pythons Are More Active At Night.





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