Our Story

This all started about 10 years ago when we began getting wild species to keep as a pet, more commonly known as an exotic pet. This was actually a small-scale operation back in the days. We captured wild animals from their local area using basic traps. A few years later, we bred these exotic pets to grow our market and we have been very successful in what we do. We decided to create an online platform where exotic pet lovers in United States and around the globe can easily access their desired specie of pet. The main goal of our online store is to enable and ease exotic pet lovers the stress to find their desired species of exotic pets. We make sure our customers are 100% satisfied each time they buy a pet from our online store. These exotic pets are delivered safely and in a timely fashion. We’ll recommend exotic pet lovers to do a research on their desired specie of exotic pet before buying from our online store. We offer a huge selection of exotics including snakes, lizards, tortoises and much more. Acquiring an exotic pet from our online store is the best decision you can make today. Our shipping services are also legitimate and trustworthy.

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