Canadian Marble Fox


Canadian Marble Fox


Canadian Marble Fox

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Canadian Marble Fox

These Exotic Animals Stem From The Canine Family But Are Wild Animals Such Like The Wolves. Unlike The Wolves, Foxes Don’t Hunt In Packs, They Are More Of A Lone Hunter. When It Comes To The Exotic Marble Fox, Also Known As The Arctic Marble Fox, Because They Are From Alaska Or The Canadian Region, They Can Adapt To The Cold And Live For 3-4 Years In The Wild.

Their Coats Are Of Athick White Fur, That Mostly Covers Their Body. There Are Various Color Mixes Of Grayish Blacks Intertwining Within Itself Like Marble (Or Sometimes A Brownish Color), Around Their Ears, And Around Their Eyes, On Some, As Like A Burglar’s Mask; Hence Their Name Marble Fox. They Are Known For Their Unusual Pointy Muzzle And Furry Tails, As Well. So Many Fox Species Are Out There With Each Having Its Own Unique Way About Them. Each Of These Different Types Of Species Have Their Variety Of Colored Fur As Like Humans, Meaning Not Being All The Same But All Being Beautiful In Their Own Way. The Various Shades Of Color Can Vary Across The World. Some Having Brown Fur With Specks Of Gray, Or Tan Coats, Or The Infamous Color Red Fox, A Reddish Orange, That Are Seen Mostly In Fairytales And Children’s Stories, Many Times Playing A Cunning Or Sly Part.

The Breed Is A Mix Of The Original Red Fox And The Silver Fox, Both Having Wild Like Characteristics. Although, In The Canine Group, Unlike The Domesticated Dog, Foxes Are Prone To Being Unpredictable And Sly As They Are Known For. There Are Dealers And Breeders Around Where Someone Could Look Into Getting One From But It Can Be A “Get At Your Own Risk” Type Of Deal; Since The Original Sources Were Of The Wild And You Won’t Know The Outcome Of The Fox Unless You Live With It. It Would Not Be A Good Idea To Have This Pet In A Home With Small Children Or Domesticated Cats. Dogs May Be Okay Since They Have Similar Qualities But The Difference Between The Two Is With A Fox, They Are Not Good With Being Trained. Whereas A Dog, They Can Be Trained Due To Their Alpha Mentality. When It Comes To A Fox, They Are More Independent And Don’t See The Need To Be Trained. They Would Want The Treats, But Not Necessarily To Do What The Trainer Or Owner Is Asking Of It.



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