Blunthead Tree Snake



Blunthead Tree Snake

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Blunthead Tree Snake

Life Span     Unknown

Length    Average Of 31.50 Inches

Clutch Size   2 To 3 Eggs

Habitat   Wet Forests And Rainforests

Country Of Origin Central America

Our Blunt-Headed Tree Snake Is Characterized By Slim, Long Bodies, Large Heads, And Very Thin Necks. They Have Eyes With Vertical Pupils. The Eyes Contribute To About 25% Of Their Head Length, Protruding From One Side. This Distinct Feature Allows These Snakes To Look Downward.

Our Snakes Also Have An Adaptive And Enlarged Middorsal Scale Row, Providing Their Bodies Stability, Especially When Climbing. They Also Have Rear Fangs. These Snakes Living In The Northern Range Usually Exhibit Sexual Dimorphism, With The Male Snakes Featuring Slightly Longer Tails. This Is Something Unique To This Range As The Snakes From The South Do Not Have These Characteristics.



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