Tomato Frog



Tomato Frog

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Tomato Frog

We Have Captive Bred Tomato Frogs For Sale At Truly Low Prices. We Get Our Frogs Directly From The Frog Ranch, So You Know Their Genetics Are Unparalleled. This Amphibian Species Is Originally From Madagascar, And Has The Ability To Puff Up As A Defense Mechanism.


They Thrive On A Diet Of Crickets, Waxworms, And Superworms. These Frogs Have Vivid Reddish Coloration And Are Excellent Captive Pets. When You Buy A Frog From Us, You Automatically Receive Our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.


Sexing Your Tomato Frog

Please Feel Free To Request A Male Or Female Frog (Or Any Combination Thereof) When You Order Our Medium And Adult Sized Amphibians, But Please Be Aware That We Cannot Guarantee The Sex. However, We Can Guarantee That Someone Very Experienced With Amphibians Will Attempt To Select The Specific Frog(S) You Are Requesting.


Voracious Feeders Eating Crickets And Mealworms

With Proper Care They Can Live Up To 6 – 10 Years In Captivity

Adults Are Growing To Sizes Of 3 – 4 Inches In Length

This Species Get Its Name From The Beautiful Color They Turn Into As Adults

Will Devour Anything In Sight! Tough Little Frogs



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