Mourning Gecko



Mourning Gecko

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Mourning Gecko

Yellow-Bellied Mourning Gecko (Adult) – Lepidodactylus Lugubris (Captive Bred)


Defining Characteristics:


A Different Variety Of Mourning Gecko!




Easy To Care For


Easy To Breed




Can Be Kept With Poison Dart Frogs


Great In Groups

Name: Lepidodactylus Lugubris. We Call This Variety The Yellow-Bellied Mourning Gecko Due To Their Characteristic Yellow Belly (Compared To The White Bellies On Other Mourning Geckos), But They Have Virtually Identical Care To Any Other Mourning Gecko!


Recommended Vivarium Size: Mourning Geckos Will Thrive In An Enclosure As Small As 5 Gallons, But 10 Gallons Or 12x12x12 Exo-Terras Or Larger Are Recommended For Multiple Animals. Many People Successfully Keep These Geckos In Naturalistic Vivaria, Housed With Larger Dart Frogs. Mourning Geckos Are Escape Artists, And It’s Always Important To Fully Secure Their Enclosure To Prevent Escapes! At Josh’s Frogs, We Secure Exo Terra Enclosures By Siliconing The Lid And Blocking The Front Vents With Pond Foam.

Temperature: Lepidodactylus Lugubris Prefer Temps In The Mid 70s, Up To The Low 80s. Mourning Geckos Will Generally Thrive At Room Temperature, But A Low Wattage Basking Light May Be Needed In Cooler Climates. Their Ideal Temperature Range Is 70f – 80f.

Humidity: Mourning Geckos Like It Humid, And Require A Humidity Of At Least 50%. Lepidodactylus Lugubris Can Do Well At A Humidity Of Up To 90%, As Long As A Drier Area Is Provided. Ideal Humidity Range Is 60%-80%.

Size: Adult Mourning Geckos Get Up To About 4″ In Length. When They Hatch, Lepidodactylus Lugubris Measure Less Than An Inch! The Juvenile Mourning Geckos Sold By Josh’s Frogs Measure About 2.5-3.5″ When Shipped. Feeding: Being Smaller Geckos, Mourning Geckos Prefer Smaller Foods.



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