Hamsters For Sale



Hamsters For Sale

Product Long Description With Features:

Hamsters For Sale

Russian Dwarf Hamster


Active At Night

Ideal For Children 10 & Up

Social Within The Same Family

High Energy Level

Lives Up To 3 Years

Note: Pet Availability Is Seasonal. State And Local Regulations May Vary. Pricing May Vary By Store Location. Petsmart Stores Cannot Match The Price Below For This Pet. Ask A Store Associate For Details.

The Russian Dwarf Hamster Is Shaped Like A Bullet And Is About 3-4 Inches Long (Males Are Usually Slightly Larger Than Females). Several Color Varieties Are Available.


Russian Dwarf Hamsters Have A Typical Short-Haired Coat And Thick Hair Covering Their Feet. Russian Dwarf Hamsters Are Fairly Energetic And Can Be Kept In Same-Sex Pairs Or In Groups If They Are All Raised Together.


With Consistent Interaction, These Species Are Relatively Easy To Tame. Once Tamed, They Are Friendly, Confident, And Curious. They Are Active And Like To Move Around, So, Even Though They’re Small, They Need A Habitat That Provides Plenty Of Room.


Things To Remember


Lifting & Handling

Handle Your Dwarf Hamster Gently — Scoop Her Up In Both Hands And Hold Her With Cupped Hands So She’ll Feel Safe And Secure.


Special Needs

Your Dwarf Hamster’s Front Teeth Never Stop Growing — So She Needs Lots Of Healthy Things To Chew On Like Treat Sticks And Chews.



Dwarf Hamsters Have Tons Of Energy And Need To Run On A Wheel In Their Habitat, Or In An Exercise Ball Daily.



Choose A Fortified Diet Appropriate For Hamsters.



Your Dwarf Hamster Needs A Well-Ventilated Home, Large Enough For A Food Dish And Water Bottle, A Hiding Area (If One Isn’t Built In) And An Exercise Wheel. There Should Be Plenty Of Room For All Cage Accessories, And For Her To Move Around Freely.




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