Sand Cat



Sand Cat

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Sand Cat

Our Sand Cats Are A Relatively Little Known Species Of Feline That Are Attracting Attention Due To Their Small Size And Similar Appearance To ‘Regular’ Cats, Although They Also Have Enough Distinctive Features To Make Them Uniquely Beautiful.  Very Charming Temperament And Having The Personality Of A “Shy And Very Excitable Domestic Cat”.

Our Sand Cats Are Being Skittish, And This Should Be Fully Expected Of All Captive Sand Cats. These Are Not ‘Regular’ Cats That Will Become Perfectly Tame With Consistent Handling (Even Feral Domestic Cats Can Be Irreversible In This Way). Sand Cats And Other Small Cats Should Have An Owner That Can Work With Them And Be Able To Identify Signs Of Stress That Could Lead To Health Problems Down The Road.




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