Russian Tortoise For Sale



Russian Tortoise For Sale

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Russian Tortoise For Sale

Common Name: Russians Tortoise

Scientific Name: Agrionemys Horsfieldii

Current Size: 4-5″

Average Adult Size: 6-8″ (Females Larger)

Area Of Origin: Several Countries Between Eastern Europe And Western China

Description: Light Brown And Olive Color With Dark Brown Bands Around Each Scute Of The Shell. These Tortoises Are Probably The Most “Different” Of The Testudo Type Tortoises. They Are Almost Completely Rounded When Viewed From Above, Which Probably Is To Help Them Spin Around When Underground In Burrows. They Tend To Be Somewhat Flattened On Top, Without Much Of A “Dome.”

Captive-Bred Russian Tortoise For Sale

Captive Bred Babies, Juveniles And Young Adults For Sale

One Of The Smallest Species Of Tortoise

Easy To Care For

Males Stay Smaller Than Females

Currently Feeding On Greens, Veggies, And Mazuri

Russian Tortoise Lifespan 50-90 Years

Can Be Kept Outside To Hibernate Or Indoors Year Round With No Hibernation Necessary

Testudo Family Tortoise Includes: Hermann’s, Egyptian, Marginated, Greek, Elongated And More

Lifetime Support From Our Customer Support Team Comes Free With Every Tortoise!


Habitat: Mediterranean Tortoises, These Animals Live In Grassy Meadows And Scrubland Where They Come And Go From Their Burrows In Order To Maintain The Ideal Temperatures. They Do Hibernate Naturally, And Will Hibernate In Captivity If Proper Conditions Are Given. As Adults, They Can Safely Handle Body Temperatures As Low As 35 Degrees During Hibernation, And On Cold Spring, Summer Or Fall Months, They Will Retreat Underground To Maintain Some Warmth. Summer Highs Up To 110 Degrees Can Be Tolerated As Long As There Is A Cooler, Underground Retreat The Tortoise Can Get Into. In Hot Climates, They Will Spend Much Of The Summer Days In Burrows Or Simply Buried Under An Inch Or Two Of Earth. They Can Dig In And Bury Themselves In A Matter Of Minutes, And Will Often Do It Several Times A Day In Soft Sandy.


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