Common Musk Turtle



Common Musk Turtle

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Common Musk Turtle

We Have Some Beautiful Musk Turtles For Sale At The Best Price Anywhere!  These Musk Turtles For Sale Are Aquatic Reptiles Attain A Maximum Shell Length Of Approximately 5-6″. When You Buy A Musk Turtle From Us, You Automatically Receive Our 100% Live Arrival And Full 7 Day Health Guarantee.


The Musk Turtle, Like Most Mud Turtles And Musk Turtles, Have A Dark Shell Used To Blend Into Their Environment.  From Black, Grey, Or Brown These Turtles Shells And Size Make Them One Of If Not The Most Simplistic Of All Of The Musk Turtles. As Their Name Suggests, They Have Special Sweat Glands Capable Of Producing A Foul Order, Hence The Name “Musk Turtle”.


Captive Bred Musk Turtles For Sale Should Always Be Purchased Over A Wild Caught Musk Turtle For Sale When Possible.  Our Stock Of Musk Turtles For Sale Are Top Notch And Ready To Ship To You Overnight In Heated Or Cooled, Insulated Shipping Boxes And Come With Our Live Arrival And Full 7 Day Health Guarantee. Remember When Searching For Any Tortoises For Sale, Including A New Baby Tortoise For Sale, Exoticpetstore Is Your Source For The Best Tortoise For Sale , Baby Tortoises For Sale , Baby Turtles For Sale, And Adult Turtles For Sale Of Any Turtle Store Anywhere.



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