Milk Snake For Sale



Milk Snake For Sale

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Milk Snake For Sale

Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake (Lampropletis Triangulum) Only Males

Product Description

Scientific Name: Lampropeltis Triangulum Hondurensis

Description: We Have A Great Selection Of Cb Tangerine Honduran Milk Snakes For Sale. These Are Beautiful Milk Snakes Due To Their Unique Coloration. Milk Snakes Are A Great Beginner Snake And Are Very Hardy. Most Of Our Milk Snakes Are Bred Here In House. Our Baby Milk Snakes Range In Size From 10-18″ In Length.

Maximum Adult Size: 36” – 72”

Diet: Live Or Frozen Thawed Pinky Mice. Frozen Thawed Pinkies Are Available In Our Food And Feeders Section.

Habitat: Provide A Substrate Of Aspen Or Wood Mulch At Least 2” Deep. An Under Tank Heater, Small Water Bowl, And Hide Hut Are Necessary Accesories . A Branch For Climbing May Be Appreciated. These Products Are Available In Our Reptile Supplies Section. Temperature Ranges Can Vary From Upper 70s (Night) To Upper 80s (Day).










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