Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale



Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale

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Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale

Kenyan Sand Boa (Captive-Bred Babies)

Eryx C. Loveridgei


We Have Some Amazing Kenyan Sand Boas For Sale. These Are Some Of The Most Popular Pet Snakes In The World, And For Good Reason. This Is Because These Snakes Rarely Grow Longer Than Two-Feet, Are Simple To Maintain In Captivity, And Are Generally Quite Handleable. When You Buy A Boa From Us, You Automatically Receive Our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.


Sexing Your Kenyan Sand Boa

Please Feel Free To Request A Male Or Female Snake (Or Any Combination Thereof) When You Order, But Please Be Aware That We Cannot Guarantee The Sex. However, We Can Guarantee That Someone Very Experienced With Reptiles Will Attempt To Select The Specific Snake(S) You Are Requesting.

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