Ghost Ball Python


Ghost Ball Python

Product Long Description With Features:

Ghost Ball Python

Chocolate Butter Ghost

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile

Python Regius

Birth: 20th April 2021

Diet: Live Rat

Description. Beautiful Combo! These Genes Have Such An Amazing Variation.

From Super Chocolate Butter Ghost X Ghost.

Feeding On Rat Pups.

Scientific Name: Python Regius

Description: We Have An Amazing Selection Of Ball Pythons And Specialty Ball Pythons For Sale. These Are One Of Our Major Focus Animals That We Breed Here At Our Facility. Our Ball Python Breeding Building Is Second To None In The World. When Purchasing A Ball Python From Us You Will Recognize Immediately That You Are Getting A Premium Animal. Ball Pythons Are A Great Pet For Many Reasons. Ball Pythons Usually Max Out At Around 5 Feet So You Don’t Have To Worry About Housing A Large Python. They Also Curl Up Most Of The Time So They Don’t Require A Large Enclosure. Most Are Very Docile So It’s Not An Overly Aggressive Snake. Second With Our Specialty Ball Pythons They Come In More Color Morphs Than Any Other Python Available. Please Make Sure To Check Out All Of Our Ball Pythons For Sale. We Update Our Site Daily With New Animals.

Maximum Adult Size: 3 – 5 Feet (.9 – 1.5 Meters) As Adults

Diet: Babies Will Eat Fuzzie Mice. Juveniles Can Eat Fully Weaned Mice Or Baby Rats. Adults Prefer Rats. We Have All Sizes Of Frozen Rodents In Our Food And Feeders Section.

Habitat: Ball Pythons Are Not Very Active Snakes, So A Small Enclosure If Fine For Babies And Juvenile Snakes. (10 To 20 Gallon Long Glass Tank). For An Adult We Recommend A 30 Gallon Tank With A Secured Screen Top. Ball Pythons Like To Burrow And Hide In The Wild So A Cave Or Hide Box Is Highly Recommended. Recommended Temperature For Ball Pythons Is 80 To 85f. For Water Provide A Water Dish Large Enough For A Snake To Soak Themselves In For Drinking And Shedding Purposes. For A Hot Spot Highly Recommend A Heat Pad To Reach A Temperature Of 90f For That Specific Spot In The Tank. For Substrate We Recommend A Reptile Approved Substrate Such As Reptibark, Aspen, Or Cypress Mulch.


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