Genets for sale


Genets for sale


Genets for sale


Spotted Genet are long, slendr, cat-like animals with large ears, ringed tails and partially retractable claws. Their fur is spotted with a dark strip down their spine. They are the only member of the viverrid family that are able to stand on their hind legs. Although they live on the ground, they spend a great deal of time in trees. Genets have been introduced into parts of Europe where they can still be found the wild. They have been kept as pets for morethan 1500frs. He may look cat-like but his species is actually a relative of weasels. Genets will make a home of tree logs, hollowed-out holes in trees, rocky areas or the roof of Chalet 5.

-Genets are mainly carnivores, but also feed on insects and bird eggs.

-Genets like all other carnivores use sebaceous glands to secrete a foul-smelling substance to mark their territory. This scent can stay present for up to 9 weeks.


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