Finger Monkeys For Sale



Finger Monkeys For Sale

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Finger Monkeys For Sale

Marmoset For Sale, Pocket Monkey, Aka Finger Monkey.

Baby Pocket Monkey For Sale. Also Known As A Marmoset Monkey. We Are One Of The Largest Breeders In The U.S.

Marmosets Are Super Sweet And Very Loving. The Parents Are Very Tame And So Is The Baby. The Baby Is Very Healthy, Tame And Socialized. We Are The Experts And With The Best Service And Training And The Best After Care Support As Well.

We can Deliver To Your House Or Nearest Airport To Your Home.

Our Finger Monkeys Do Have A Large Home Range. They Can Travel 1/3 To 2/3 Of A Mile Each Day In Their Search Of Food. They Are A Species Of Monkeys That Completely Live In The Trees. They Will Live In An Area Of Trees That Provides Them With Food And Hiding Places Which Will Be Used For Refuge When A Predator Threatens Them. Wild Marmosets Eat A Variety Of Foods. They Will Forage For Flowers, Nectar And Fruits. Tree Saps And Tree Gums Along With Bugs, Spiders, Frogs And Snails.


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