Chinese Cave Gecko



Chinese Cave Gecko

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Chinese Cave Gecko

We Have Some Ultra Rare Chinese Cave Geckos For Sale At Absolutely Unbeatable Prices. These Geckos Reach An Adult Size Of Eight To Nine Inches, And Are Insectivorous. When You Buy A Gecko From Us, You Automatically Receive Our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.


Sexing Your Chinese Cave Gecko

Please Feel Free To Request A Male Or Female Lizard (Or Any Combination Thereof) When You Order Our Medium And Adult Sized Animals, But Please Be Aware That We Cannot Guarantee The Sex. However, We Can Guarantee That Someone Very Experienced With Reptiles Will Attempt To Select The Specific Lizard(S) You Are Requesting.


Chinese Cave Geckos For Sale Are Some Of The More “Psychedelic” Of All Pet Geckos For Sale.  Goniurosurus Also Known As “Cave Geckos”  Are A Small, Terrestrial Gecko Native To China, Japan And Vietnam.  With Their Bright Colors (Which I Think Makes Them Look Like Psychedelic Leopard Geckos) And Red Eyes, They Are Quite Psychedelic And Striking To Look At And Very Tempting To Own!


Chinese Cave Geckos Are A Dark Purple-Gray Color With Small Spots And Yellow Or Orange Bands. There Isn’t Much Variation On Their Coloring. They Have A Similar Build To Leopard Geckos, But They Are Slimmer.


When Considering Any Chinese Cave Gecko For Sale, Be Sure To Only Purchase Captive Bred Baby Chinese Cave Geckos For Sale From An Experienced Chinese Cave Gecko Breeders.


All Of Our Reptiles For Sale, Including Our Chinese Cave Geckos For Sale Are Captive Bred And Not Wild Caught.  We Have A Biologist On Site And Offer A Live Arrival And Full 7 Day Health Guarantee On All Of Our Animals.  Our Guarantee Extends To 30 Days For All Customers Who Purchase Full Habitat Kits.


With Proper Care These Geckos Can Live 8-10 Years In Captivity

Adults Are Averaging In Sizes Around 7-9 Inches In Length

These Geckos Are Used To Cool Temperatures And Humid Environments, Living Their Lives In Dark Caves



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