Arabian Sand Boa



Arabian Sand Boa

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Arabian Sand Boa

Our Arabian Sand Boa Is A Wonderful Pet Snake To Have As They Are Hardy Creatures And Are Easily Handled. Like All Boas They Are Not Venomous; Instead, They Are Ambush Hunters And Will Use Their Bodies To Constrict Their Prey.


These Boas Are Perfectly Adapted To Living Under The Sand As Their Eyes Are On Top Of Their Heads. This Means That Their Bodies Can Remain Under The Sand While They Keep An Eye Out For Prey.


They Have A Pretty Basic Setup In Terms Of Enclosure And Feeding Regime Which Makes Them Pets Great For Beginners.


Adult Size:   Approximately 16 Inches

Lifespan: 20 Years

Diet:  Lizards And Mice

Experience Level:  Beginner

Enclosure Size: 20 Inches Long X 10 Inches Wide X 10 Inches High


These Boas Are Good Eaters And Should Not Give New Owners Any Problems. They Are Not Livebearers As Most Of The Boa Family Are. They Lay A Clutch Of 5 To 15 Eggs Which Hatch In Approximately 66 Days.


These Snakes Are Pretty Calm And Do Well With Careful Handling. However, They Can Strike Out If They Are Feeling Grumpy Or Think Your Fingers Look Like A Good Meal.



These Are Naturally Calm Snakes. However, They Will Strike Out If They Feel Threatened.


Due To Their Body Shape And Ambush-Hunter Nature, They Normally Strike Out Sideways Instead Of Straight On. This Can Cause New Owners To Be Nervous As They Do Not Display Any Distinct Aggressive Behavior Before They Strike.



Our Arabian Sand Boas Are Nocturnal Creatures. This Means They Are Most Active At Night. They Are Typical Ambush Predators. However, Some Will Actively Go Hunting At Night And Eat Diurnal (Active During The Day) Prey That Is Resting.



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