African Rock Python



African Rock Python

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African Rock Python

African Rock Python

Python Sebae

Subspecies2 Races Are Recognized: African Rock Python [Python Sebae Sebae] And Southern African Rock Python [Python Sebae Natalensis]

Length_F:  5,0 M

Length_M: 4,25 M

We Have Some African Rock Pythons For Sale At Really Low Prices. This African Constrictor Species Is One Of The Largest Snakes In The World. Current Legislation Will Take Effect Within A Matter Of Weeks Making The Interstate Transportation Of This Species Illegal, So Get Them While You Can. When You Buy A Python From Us, You Automatically Receive Our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.


Sexing Your African Rock Python

Please Feel Free To Request A Male Or Female Snake (Or Any Combination Thereof) When You Order, But Please Be Aware That We Cannot Guarantee The Sex. However, We Can Guarantee That Someone Very Experienced With Reptiles Will Attempt To Select The Specific Snake(S) You Are Requesting.



The Female Lays 30 – 50 Large, Almost Spherical Eggs. The Female Coils Around Her Clutch To Protect The Eggs, But Does Not Incubate Them By Shivering. The Young Hatch In 65 – 80 Days.


The African Rock Python Feeds On Small Antelope, Monkeys, Guineafowl And Domestic Animals With Fish, Monitor Lizards And Crocodiles Also Eaten.

Field Notes

The African Rock Python Is Non-Venomous, Rather Killing Its Prey By Constriction.


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